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At the menu on the left you will find an oversight of all available categories. The moment you click on a category, e.g. 'beads', immediately beneath you will see the all types of beads, e.g. glass. By means of the search filter you can then select your preferred colors, sizes and shapes. With this search filter you can use more than one selected requirement, like I want both brown and beige beads, square as well as round ones. Should you decide to omit one of these requirements, do click on these requirements once more to disarm them. Should you want to see more types at the same time, selections can be made as well by means of this search filter.

Of course there is the option to search by means of keywords. You will immediately see all products matching these words. Click on the photo to immediately find the selected product. In order to see all results you may click on the bottom line.

As soon as you have found a product you want to buy, click on the shopping basket in order to add it to your order. On the survey sheet you will find several quantities. The more you order the more discount. Example: you want to order 2 bags, you can then click twice on the shopping basket button, you can also click on the photo for more information. An order form will appear on which you can enter your preferred quantity.

When you enter a product on to your basket it will immediately appear in the shopping basket at the right. This will remain visible all the time. You can remove a product from your basket. Click on the basket button and a more extensive page with lager pictures as well as the option to adapt quantities.

You also have the option to view just all new products (to be found under 'New'). Search filters work exactly the same here. Moreover all products from your wish list can be transferred from here to your shopping basket with one simple click.

Products will remain in your shopping basket until you have finished your order, you emptied your basket you yourself or in case you removed the cookies from your computer.

Completing your order

The moment you are done selecting your preferred items click on 'Completing your order'. The order procedure consists of three steps, address details, method of payment and last but not least, as final check, an oversight. The moment you place your order, all ordered items are reserved for you and you will receive a confirmation email regarding this order.

Changing your order

You change make changes to your order as long is your order has not yet been shipped. You can forward your wishes/changes by phone as well as email. In case you want to add products to your order you can do so via this website, just while finishing the process you have to enter under 'remarks' that these products have to be added to your earlier order. Take care not to immediately pay your second order as the system may automatically add post & packaging cost, although these products can be sent together with your earlier ordered products.

Canceling your order

You can cancel your order as long as your order has not been shipped. You can cancel by phone as well as email.


Post & packaging cost and shipping method

Your order will be delivered by PostNL. We deliver as package in case products will not fit into your mailbox or in case the total amount of your order surmounts € 65.00. Orders to outside of Netherlands are always send as package.

Shipping costs

Zone Shipping costs Free shipping from
Netherlands € 2.95 € 25.00
Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg € 5.95 € 50.00
France € 9.95 € 70.00
Italy € 15.95 € 150.00
Spain, United Kingdom € 19.95 € 150.00
Russia, Ukraine € 39.95 € 200.00
Others from Europe € 24.95 € 200.00
Africa € 59.95 € 500.00
Antartica € 59.95 € 500.00
North America € 59.95 € 500.00
Oceania € 59.95 € 500.00
South america € 59.95 € 500.00
Asia € 59.95 € 500.00

Delivery time

Orders placed before 17.00 p.m. and paid for by IDEAL, by direct debit or cash on delivery will be shipped the same day. Orders with payment method money transfer will be shipped the same day when the money is received that same day. Our accounts are checked several times a day to see whether payments have been made.

As soon as your order is shipped an email will be sent to you. When shipping method is not envelope but package the tracking number will be entered as well. When you live outside the Netherlands your shipment will be handled as priority shipment.

Do bear in mind that PostNL may have delay troubles from time to time. Should you want to be certain that your package will arrive in time make sure your order is placed in time. We cannot take any responsibility for delay caused by PostNL.


No tracking is available with orders that were sent by envelope. This is possible with orders whipped as packages. When your order is shipped as package the tracking number will be entered in the email that is sent to you as soon as your order is shipped. You can find about the status of your package via

Cooling-off period

Up till 14 days after receipt you can return products to our company without any details. Only condition is that products are unused and complete. Post & packaging costs are for the customer.

Product returning procedure

Do send an email to so that we know in advance which products are going to be sent back. Products can be sent to the following address: Herculeslaan 6
5694 VP Son en Breugel
The Netherlands

Do add your invoice or a printed version of your order confirmation, with products that are sent back marked, as well as your account number. The amount of the returned product will be repaid as soon as possible.



By iDEAL is very simple. After having completed your order you are directed to your own bank's internet site. All details required (account number, total amount to be paid, order number) are already entered. All you have to do is confirm payment. Your order will then automatically be changed to 'paid' so that is can be processed a.s.a.p.

Sometimes there is a malfunction because of which payment is blocked. You do not need to re-enter all your products in a new order. Your original order remains intact. In your order confirmation you will find a link through which you can try once more to get payment done.

Payment by direct debit

In this way you permit us to have the amount transferred from your bank account to ours once. Advantage is that your order will be shipped immediately and you need not bother about payment. This payment method is very safe for you as customer because, in case of abuse you can always ask for a payment reversal.

With this payment method, the only details you have to enter are bank account number and your name. The moment the amount is collected, your order number will be clearly visible on your copy.

This payment method is only possible for regular customers and when you have a Dutch bank account.


Payment can be done with Visa and MasterCard, the most accepted credit cards in the world. You can start payment after you have completed your order. Payment is done in a surrounding secured by Multisafepay. So your credit card details are not known to us. As soon as payment is done the status of your order is changed to 'paid' and can be shipped.

In case payment did not work you can retry later on. No need to remake an order, the original order remains intact. In your order confirmation you will find a link through which you can once more try to get payment done.

Money transfer in advance in the Netherlands

You can transfer to money to our ING account.
  • ING account: NL11 INGB 0004 4077 93, attn. CreaDream, Son en Breugel (SWIFT / BIC: INGBNL2A)

Money transfer in advance outside the Netherlands

You can transfer to money to our ING account.
  • ING account: NL11 INGB 0004 4077 93, attn. CreaDream, Son en Breugel (SWIFT / BIC: INGBNL2A)
Select 'shared' transfer cost in case your payment is done from a European account. Select 'our' transfer cost when payment is done from another foreign bank account.

Pay after delivery

When paying afterwards you enter into a payment obligation with the company Multifactor of Multisafepay. This payment method is only available for orders from 15 euros and under 300 euros. As soon as the order has been definitively placed here with payment method 'Pay after delivery', you will be redirected to Multifactor. There you enter your account number and date of birth.

If they approve the transaction, we will send the order immediately. You transfer the total amount to Multifactor after receipt.

If Multifactor rejects the transaction, you can contact Multifactor for the reason for rejection. You will be given the option to try again or choose another payment option.

VAT free delivery for companies within Europe

When you own a company outside the Netherlands but within Europe VAT free deliver is possible. Your order will be delivered as a package. The minimum total is � 60.00 ex. VAT. Do mail for more info to

Product information

Prices are VAT included

All our prices include 21% taxes. We send an invoice together with the order.


Only products that are in stock can be ordered. Stock is checked at the moment you add a product to your shopping basket and on the moment you complete your order. It may be possible that a products gets sold out in between these two checking moments. You can check availability of what you have in your basket any moment by clicking ''check stock'. In case a product is not available the number may be changed to what is left in stock or you can delete the item from the shopping basket. We do not have the possibility to send you sold out products later on when in stock again. This is because delivery times differ very much for each product and there always is a chance that a product will never get back in stock again.

Material information

All our products are nickel free. Our products do not contain sterling silver, unless specifically mentioned.

Hole size

The size of a hole is measured by means of a small metal drill and is very accurate. A hole size of 1 mm means that 1 mm metal wire will pass through it easily. More trouble you will have with more flexible thread like wax cord of exactly the same diameter. There also is a possibility that the ends will fray, or that the cord is somewhat thicker than mentioned at the website. We advise you to work with a 0,4 mm margin. So with 1 mm wax cord use beads with hole size 1,4 mm. In any case it may be of use to cut the cord or thread somewhat diagonal with very sharp scissors or knife.
  • Use wax cord of somewhat longer length so that you can cut several times in case necessary.
  • Put on some nail polish on the tip of the cord to somewhat prevent fraying.
Pearls are hard to use with thicker thread. They are somewhat different from other beads. They are either of glass or synthetic with a cover of mother of pearl. Often the size of the hole on one side is somewhat bigger than the hole on the other side. This is no problem when working with eye or head pins. The same goes for thin stringing wire or very thin steel wire. Thick elastic thread and wax cord will pose problems. So it is best to use pearls together with thin thread or hard metal wire. The same problem as with pearls is when working with our cheaper wooden beads, as there outside layer was put on after the holes were drilled. These problems do not occur with all our other beads.


In case you have received a damaged product send us an email at The product will then be replaced.

We do all in our power to deliver products of good quality. They should remain o.k., without making stains or getting damaged rather easily. Discoloration of metal / metal look products cannot however be prevented. Take care to put your jewelry away safe (in a dry, closed spot, so not humid bathroom) and make sure not to spray perfume on them.

Should however a product not be what you expected it to be, please let us know. We always check the quality of our products but mistakes will always occur.


General terms

Click here for our general terms on our website..


CreaDream respects the privacy of all its clients and will deal with all information accordingly. Your personal data will never be handed over to third persons. We really appreciate your trust and will do everything possible to protect your personal data. Your data will only be used:
  • We use name, email address, delivery address and payment details so as pro process your order as quickly as possible.
  • Your email address is used in case we have some questions regarding your order or when you mentioned to want to receive our newsletters.
  • Details regarding the use of our site will help us to further improve the site.
  • Information regarding your purchases will help us to personalize our website for you.


There is copyright on the whole of our website. It is not allowed to copy text and/or photo's for business use or your personal website without consent of CreaDream. Should you ever encounter a website where text and/or photos are used originating from the website without credit, please inform us on

Company information

About CreaDream

In August 2000 Sandra Bouw founded with the aim to exchange inspiration and tips about beads. Since 2004 also has a web shop: Our mission is to offer as many different as possible products against low prices (a hobby must remain affordable) but of fine quality. CreaDream stands out thanks to its swift delivery, (ordered before 17.00 p.m., processed and shipped the same day) and its handy search function. By now CreaDream has a whole team working to regularly get new products online, process orders quickly and without mistakes, and making sure that customers questions get answered a.s.a.p.

Why buy at CreaDream

  • Ordered before 17.00 p.m., shipped the same day.
  • More beads for less money, extra discount with larger amounts
  • Smart search function so nobody gets lost in the bead forest!
  • Elaborate information on products with many tips, like products of the same kind or matching products.
  • Sharp pricing. A hobby must remain affordable.
  • New products regularly put online, impossible to ever have too many beads.
  • Products remain in our assortment as long as possible.
  • Most of the products are neatly packed with a sticker, so that you can easily find details when you want to buy the same product once more.

CreaDream Cares

CreaDream regularly donates beads and accessories for making jewelry to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam. This is a specialized clinic in cancer research and does its best to make life as bearable as possible for its patients. They have a special Creative Therapy department where patients can relax on a daily basis by doing something they like. Painting, making mosaics and much more, even beading. Therefore we like to donate beads so that these patients can relax and find some distraction.

Want to donate yourself? How about these two institutions:

Moreover we donate wax cord to the Vereniging Ouders Kinderen en Kanker(VOKK). This is a group of families that have a child with cancer. Their mission is to support and guide families with children among them with cancer in all phases and work hard to optimalize care for child and family. One of their methods is de 'kanjerketting'(necklace for the best). When diagnosed cancer the child receives a cord with letter beads on it making the name of the child, a bead with an anchor,the sign of hope as well as a bead with the logo of the VOKK. The child will receive a new bead with every treatment and examination. Each bead is connected with a treatment, like chemo, injections, emergency hospitalisation, scan, operation or hair loss. There are also beads for super good as well as for super bad days. This KanjerKetting therefore tells the child's personal history, as all the beads on the cord stand for all the steps the child took on the long path of the treatment. The bead reward is a way to keep telling him/her with every treatment that the child is a top player, a Kanjer. Therefore the name: KanjerKetting. The beads are made of colorful Fimo clay and are specially made for the VOKK. Therefore CreaDream cannot help with beads in this case but it can help with the wax cord on which all the beads are strung.

Go to Vereniging Ouders Kinderen Kanker


We do our best to deliver products and services in the best possible manner, nevertheless it may happen that you are unsatisfied with a product or our service. In case you have a complaint, please let us know so that we can try to find a solution. Email to or call (+31) (0)36 70 78 130.


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5694 VP Son en Breugel
The Netherlands

We do not have a physical shop so it isn't possible to order at us. We sell only via the internet.

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