miyuki drop 3.4 mm - 24kt gold plated 191

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Miyuki is the brand name of the best quality among the seed beads. They can be used for weaving, stringing, embroidery or 3D cards.

These are seed beads with a drop on one side, which sticks out more, to create depth in your beadwork.

The advantage of Miyuki is the very good quality. All beads have exactly the same size. Especially with special basting patterns, the result is much better with good, even beads than with beads whose size varies. Furthermore, Miyuki has many different colors, making many color combinations possible. There are also many different color types, for example silverlined (transparent with silver core), transparent, transparent with AB gloss, matte, metallic matte, etc. The color type is stated at the front of the item name, and the English-language color name is also mentioned.

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