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miyuki half tila 5x2.3 mm - opaque matte ab red 408FR

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Half tila beads are rectangular beads with 2 holes parallel holes. The size is 2,5 x 5 mm, which is exactly half of the size of a square tila beads. With only 2 mm thickness, they are very flat.

By combining different colors you can make any style possible. For example light and fresh colors are perfect for spring and summer or use darker colors for colder days. But every day it is of course possible to match them with your look that day. They are easy to make with elastic cord or steel wire.

The half tilas are easy to alternate with the whole and quarter tila beads, which are exactly the same width, but are double or half the length.

Colortype Opaque matte ab

Opaque colors are the basic colors of Miyuki, such as black, white, red, green, purple, etc. This is the most reliable color type, as the colorof this type is through and through. The outside of the bead is treated in such a way, that it becomes less smooth and less shiny, and finally AB (Aurora Borealis) has also been added. This is an additional coating that creates a multi-colored effect.

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Extra pictures miyuki half tila 5x2.3 mm - opaque matte ab red

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